Real Human Hair wigs is very easy to upkeep and wash.

Real Human Hair wigs is very easy to upkeep and wash.

        At first , put the shampoo in the water, and then immersed a wig in the water, the water can be warm or hot. After this , put a small amount of conditioner in the water. 3 minters later, take out the wigs. Finally use a towel to wipe the water in the wigs. Hanging on the veranda or under the shade then put it into the box to keep well. You can also combing the wigs well along the original hairstyle, then cover it in the plastic frame. Synthetic Wigs can not wash with warm or hot water, it need to wash with cold water. The process is same with real human hair wigs. After dry with a towel, combing it to a style, dry in the shade( It must’t combing during washing the wigs), do not under the sun, because these wigs are processed at high temperatures stereotypes. Once it touch with heat it will change type , so stay away from the heat source ( such as air conditioning, heating , hair dryer , etc. ) storage. Wigs are also a part of the beautiful appearance , so it need need to protect and clean..

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